Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This I Believe- Khairil Razali - Indonesia

I believe in Change
I grew up in a poor family in a remote and isolated village that far from glamour and modern environment when I was in childhood. I spent my primary and secondary school ages in a very dramatic nuance. I as a kid could not enjoy the moment as a kid as normal kids had. Khairil, as a kid should work hard, help parents, and look for income generate.
When I was in primary education, my father was only a less land farmer; he used to be a traditional fish seller from village to village using his old bike. I could not imagine what would be my future look like at that time. We lived in a very worry life circle. We just relied on annual harvesting from our rental paddy field as our family income. I as a kid should live from one place to another place, from one mountain side to another mountain side, from one village to another village. I, a kid, should always be with parents.
Although I was just a kid, I should pass mountain to mountain, bridge to bridge and bush to bush in the morning to get education. I should take this routine trip every morning when I was in primary education. It was hard. I did not know the ambition I had at that time; I just kept continuing pursuing my education even though I should walk for 2 to 3 miles every morning, but life should go on. I believed I should work hard and pray.
My secondary education, a horrible life I suffered from. I should be away from my family to start my adventure to dig a better education in another town, the capital of the province. I was fighting alone far from my family. I should manage and control myself alone. I did not have my parents anymore. I was alone living with relative in down town, working hard in their house, being almost like a maid, I should clean the dishes, iron clothes on the weekend of family members, clean and sweep the yard on Sunday.
It was really oppressed and horrible but I did not have any option. It was inspired me to work hard, to study hard and to pray for a better future. I did not want to live as I had, I did not want to be a maid, I did not want to be a janitor, a gardener, a cleaner, a dishes washer, I did not want to go back home to my village and become a farmer. I would like a change; I would like to be better in education, in life, in my social status.
When I was in university period, I did commit to myself; I should change my life, my future, my family social status. I studied hard, prayed hard, tried any efforts to reach my goals. I started to be a freelance teacher; I became a translator, and a private teacher in town. I started to be independent and not to rely on my parents funding, I started to separate step by step from family small funding. I was able. I could succeed; I was been able to support my finance little by little. I had been able to work even though it was temporary position, I got many jobs as a translator, I worked in international NGOs, I could make a better change in my life.
Since my undergraduate graduation, I made a commitment that I should be able to study abroad, but I did not have enough TOEFL score, how could I make it. I should make it. I should study harder and harder. I got many inspirations from my teacher who had been abroad, and it was inspired me. Through my work hard, pray, and hard effort, I could make it. The thing that I never imagined when I was a 10 years old boy, the thing that never crossed in my mind when I was in primary education. Thank God, by the time, I could make it. I believe in change through my philosophies; “WORK HARD, PRAY HARD, AND TRY HARD”


Mardiana said...

Two thumbs work hard and pray hard,

Intan Selian said...

Wow.. marvelous pak...
Thank tou

muhazir abu said...

Amazing days. It was great story in your life. Very motivated, we belive in change!